Subtitling your Vimeo videos

We subtitle Vimeo videos on your company website.

We can take care of the whole process: translating your videos, setting up the subtitling functionality, and customizing the appearance to meet your branding styles. See the subtitling process for more details.

The way we usually subtitle your Vimeo videos has one added benefit: your video screen keeps clean, and the subtitles show up outside of it, just below so viewers can enjoy the video and the subtitles perfectly.

It all can be at your own pace: start today subtitling your videos in one language, and you can keep adding more languages as your customers need you to.

Choose your subtitles language:   

Vimeo subtitles

Vimeo is the video platform for professional video and for audiences who love high-quality video.

Subtitles can help expand the reach and engagement of your videos, so everybody can understand and enjoy them.

To date, subtitles on Vimeo videos could only be provided by making versions of your video for each language, which is expensive at least.

Now, with our solution, we can help you translate and subtitle your Vimeo videos on your website.

You need nothing other than request us to subtitle your videos for you.

We add our solution and a slick area for subtitles styled to fit perfect with your brand and website.

Your audience can just click play as usual and choose their desired language; they can now fully enjoy your Vimeo videos.

Plus, it's easy to add new languages as your company grows.

Vimeo transcriptions

It all starts with your video contents.

If you already have your video script, send it to us. Good news is it all gets easier and faster.

Adding the transcript to your Vimeo videos helps both your customers and your company. See benefits page for more details.

Once your Vimeo videos are transcribed, we add the video transcripts to your company pages, so your customers can choose to enrich the videos with them.

We also add the transcripts to your pages with proper valid code, as per let Gooogle and search engines do their work for you.

If you need your video transcript be made, we'll transcript your Vimeo videos and send the scripts to you as well.

Picture of how a video transcript looks like

Subtitles area styling

Our subtitling solution shows the video subtitles in a slick area, usually below the video.

We style this subtitles area according to your specification.

Due to its regular HTML nature, we can do all marvels you want with this area appearance, be it making it no-noise discrete and welcoming or exciting and chilling.

Subtitles localization

Depending on your targeted audience, you can notably improve your service (and increase conversions) by localizing your video subtitles.

Our translation partners and team of translators are chosen to deliver to the highest standards.

You just need to specify what specific tones of language you want in the comments box when you fill and send us your request for subtitling services.